14 July 2012

Flashback to Canmore

A couple of weekends ago, Canada Day and the 4th of July were upon us.
Dave and I decided last minute that I should fly up and meet him in Calgary.
We were both anxious to get out and do some camping this year, and that weekend was our chance.

We met at the airport and then immediately made our way to Canmore.
It was late, so we just stayed at a hotel in the area.

The next morning, we were off to a familiar haunt...Ribbon Falls.

The weekend was perfect.  We hiked in along the gorgeous Ribbon Creek Trail, set up camp and then took a four hour nap.  For those that know me...that in and of itself is no small feat...getting me to stay still for four hours at any time, especially for a nap means something!

We cooked over the fire, chatted with the other campers and then hung out by the communal fire pits.  

The next day, we tackled something I had wanted to do last year...that was to make our way up to Ribbon Lake.  In order to get there, you have to hike up to some chains that allow you to scale some pretty steep rock.  Dave and I were game and with teamwork, we succeeded!  The views were so worth it.  When you get over the chains, you find yourself at the top of Ribbon Falls looking down.  A little pool sits at the top where some unbelievably green moss grows and the water is crystal clear.

Once you are there, it is just a short hike to Ribbon Lake.  It was gorgeous, surrounded by snow and the water was clear.  There is another camping site at the lake and we may try for that next time.

Coming down, we made a stop at a grassy glen on the side of one of the mountains to sit, relax and reflect on the past few months.  I am always grateful for the time we take to be grateful for where we are and what we have in our lives.  

The blue sky above, the warm grass under our backs, the massive rocks making their way upward...we were surrounded by the things that bring us back to center. 

Very start of the hike in.
The Falls 

Dave...on the chains and prepping to scale the cliff
Oh yeah...we risked it!

Top of the Falls

Waterfall punchbowl
The Lake 
Furry friend at our site

The way out...

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