13 August 2012

Flashback to Canada - Part Two

From Canmore to Moose Jaw. 
We had to introduce Mom and Dad to Mac the Moose, take them on a Moose Jaw Tunnels Tour and, overall, just show them what the Jaw has to offer.

We had a great time and it was fun being a tourist in town for a bit.

On the first day, we decided to tackle the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and find out if Al Capone and his cronies really did operate their moonshine business from here to Chicago.   There are actors who take you on a simulated tour that includes everything from starting off in a hidden speakeasy to checking out "Capone's closet."  It was fun to check it out and see what Moose Jaw's claim to Chicago is all about.  In short, I don't think they were operating their  business out of the Jaw, but we enjoyed the Tunnels tour and the history of the town was fascinating to learn about.

I took them to Java Express for some goodies and we even took advantage of the Temple Gardens Spa - soaking in the hot springs and once again reminiscing about travels past.

While in town for the week, we took time to take in the Yvette Moore Art Gallery.  The art there depicts local scenes of prairie life as well as featuring local artists who specialize in blown glass and jewelry.   We even took a little drive out to the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum.  I'd always seen signs for it, and having my parents in town seemed like the perfect excuse to head out past base and check it out!  It's a fascinating place that contains space upon space full of memories of the past.

I really can't describe it well.  You have to see it to believe it.

They have set up a village of "houses" and "stores" where they collect everything from old washers and dryers to steamer trunks and postcards.  There are old printing presses and telegraph machines, signs and bottles of medicine.  It's quite the collection and if you are ever out in Saskatchewan, I highly recommend a visit.  

It's pretty incredible...

Ghost town...

Um, no buses stop here.  Just sayin'.

Medicines and soaps.

In an old train car at the Village.

Of course they have a boat!  Why wouldn't they!

That's right kids...leave your firearms at home.

I took my parents for a little walk around Wakamow Valley in the heat so they could get a taste of the beautiful side of Moose Jaw and the trails I run on a regular basis when I am home.

Mom and I at the turtle!

Enjoying the trails...

My parents got a full-fledged tour of where Dave works on base.  While there are no pictures due to the rules, I can assure that my parents were treated to a day of jets and good times.  

On their last day in town, we ventured into Regina to show off Legislature and take a walk around Wascana Park.  We actually ended up taking a tour of the legislative building and learned about the history of the structure and how they conduct business (let's just say it involves a big gavel and a lot of formality!).  The day was hot and we decided to cool off in the evening over a tapas dinner at our old standby favourite, La Bodega.

Inside Legislature.

Walk around Wascana

Family photo!
In all, it was a fantastic visit and Mom and Dad are saying they want to make it annual trek!

Here's to next year!

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