07 August 2012

My Meditation...Running for a Cause

I'll be blogging about my last two weeks in Canada tomorrow.

However, my mind is focused on some pretty big events coming up later this year and in early 2013.
I've been in full training mode now...hitting the pavement and flexing my, erm, muscles to make the Chicago Marathon, the Chicago Ultra 50K (both in October), and the Walt Disney's Race and a Half Challenge (a half-marathon followed by a full marathon the next day) successes.

The training schedule is amping up.  Every morning I get up early and head out the door.  My nutrition is front and center, making sure I am giving my body the fuel and energy it needs to keep up with the miles I am taking out of it.

I've been digging the Patagonia wear this travel season...here's what I've been wearing along the Lakefront path...and, friends, let's just say...I've tried the running skirt and I LOVE IT!

Here is my dream gear.  It calls for a super-crisp fall day with crunching leaves underfoot.  Yup, I'm getting my fall buzz on...it's time, Mother Nature...it's time.

All that being said, I am running for a great cause...Women for Women International and their Run for Congo Women program.  The goal is to raise funds to help women in the Congo who have been affected by the war in Eastern Congo.

You can watch a video about the effort below.  If you are incline to give $1, $5, or even $10, please click on the link to the right and make a donation.  I will dedicate a mile to you during the Chicago 50K and will be sharing a list of names with you all on the blog!

Thank you for your generosity and happy running, walking and rolling to all!

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