12 August 2012

Flashback to Canada

So when I said I'd post tomorrow...I meant Sunday. 


Back in July, I made the hike up to Canada to enjoy time with friends at a wedding in the mountains.  Dave and I then hosted my folks for a week, showing them Canmore and Banff as well as Moose Jaw.  
We had a great time and they are now talking about making Canada an annual trip!  


The wedding was gorgeous and we got to check out a couple of new places in Canmore while we were there including Communitea and Harvest.  We grabbed a pint at the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company and caught up with a good friend.

Ready for a wedding...
YAY for love!
 While we were there, we had the chance to take a short trail run.  The weather was perfect, the mountains spectacular and I was in seventh heaven.

The day after the wedding, we met my folks in Calgary and showed them a little of Kensington Village - a great neighbourhood in the city - before heading back out to the mountains to show them how Canada does the Rockies.  We had a great time in town eating meals at Tapas and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company and taking long walks.  We took my parents up to Grassi Lakes which was a huge success and watched as rock climbers scaled their way up the craggy face of the rock.

Dad at Grassi Lakes

The next day of their trip, we took them into Banff.  We did a short trail hike along the river and then enjoyed being in town and showing off the wares of the Hudson's Bay Company.  The weather in the morning had started off warm and sunny, but by mid-afternoon, we were running for cover as the temperatures dropped and the rain moved in.

That meant it was perfect weather for checking out the Banff Hot Springs.  Mom, Dad and I (Dave had some work to take care of) soaked our limbs in the springs, recalling our previous travels and just enjoying the view from the pool.
Loving the Rockies life!
After drying off, it was back to Canmore to pack up and prep to leave for Moose Jaw!  

More on that later...

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