20 August 2012

Skype Dates a Go-Go

You've got to get creative with dating when your significant other is over a border away.

Let us introduce the art...of the Skype date.

We pick a recipe to make together.
This weekend, it was Yotam Ottolenghi's broiled eggplant over lentils.
Uh, yeah...super-delish!

You can find the uber-fabulous recipe here.

How it's supposed to look!

Our Skype dates mean we cook "together" in the kitchen, starting prep work at the same time, playing music in the background and sweating through new and unfamiliar recipes.  We crack a bottle of wine, or brew, depending on what the recipe - and occasion - calls for.

We stir, chop, mix and saute together while we talk about our week, how things are being seasoned to taste, and how much we wish we were in the same space together.

It all comes together and we "sit" down across from each other.  Skype window to Skype window, clink our beverages together against the video cam and proceed to chow down as a couple.  This is usually followed by a "joint viewing" of the latest episode of Modern Family or Whale Wars, depending on how we are feeling that night...or, better yet...lots of  hours of talking and reconnecting using 0s and 1s to transmit our images, voices and feelings across the internet.

I love that we Skype date.  It's the perfect way to spend a Saturday night in across the miles.

On the note of love...

Happy Anniversary to M+P and C+M!

Mushy eggplant
Yummy lentils
Finished (blurry) product...what...I was hungry and couldn't wait to eat it! 
And to all a Good Skype Date!!!


Jay said...

I love this dinner date!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and you've left me pondering, what brought you to Moose Jaw?

travelwoman said...

Hello, Jay!

I moved because of my husband's job. He is a pilot with the RCAF! What took you across the ocean and beyond?

Sarah H said...
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Sarah H said...

I've been looking for an eggplant recipe! This looks fabulous!
...and I've always loved your Skype dates to...