16 December 2013

Christmas Goodies and a Party...

On Saturday night, Dave and I went to the Mess for the annual holiday dinner put on by the base.  I wore a dress and he wore a ridiculous Christmas sweater...as is tradition.  We had a great time sitting and talking with friends, drinking wine, participating in the ugly Christmas sweater competition and watching others cut it up (and fall out) on the dance floor.  There was a raffle and we walked away with a lovely new pots and pans set! 


Over the weekend, we also dedicated some time to making goodies for our friends.  I was inspired by Nigella Lawson's Christmas Puddini Bon Bons (yes, that is really what they are called).  Dave and I make a few vegan Christmas cakes in the spring - giving them plenty of time for seasoning with rum, allowing the cakes to soak up the mixture and get dense, chewy and dark.  In order to make the bon bons, we used two of the cakes, combining them with dark chocolate and maple syrup to make little round bites of awesome.  I then created a vegan icing with icing sugar, vanilla and water and then cut out little 'holly and berries' out of glacé cherries.

In short, I think they turned out all right and wouldn't pass them off as an Etsy or Pinterest fail!  I am proud of them and they were uber-delicious.  Dark, dense and rich.  The perfect after dinner bite with a glass of spicy and earthy red wine or a cup of espresso.

And, for some inspirational holiday reading...a post from one of Dave's favourite blogs, Raptitude on "What to get Everyone for Christmas."  Check it out!

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