07 December 2013


A place.  
The space between the time you announce you are leaving a position and the day you actually walk out the door for the last time.

LimboLand is full of uncertainty, questioning, anticipation and doubt.  Did I make the right decision?  Is this going to make me happy?  Is this really where my path is supposed to lead next?

In short.  The answer to all three of those questions is an emphatic YES.  It's just sometimes harder to feel it when you are saying goodbyes, hearing others question your decision and are wondering if your next step is going to be as truly awesome as you believe it will be.

Don't get me wrong, a BIG part of me is ready to be home, rock out yoga teacher training and start this new chapter of my story.  However, another part of me is mourning the loss of this current position I'm in.  The loss of doing something I truly feel really great at doing and knowing that it won't be the same.  I'm also walking away from an organization that I've been a part of for over six years...that's a long time for someone like me!

I know things will be amazing...I truly believe that.  It's just some days are a little tougher than others to know it in the deep-down recesses of my soul.

But...I just keep on plugging away!


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