12 December 2013

Holiday Magic...Compliments of Chicago

I loooooove this time of year in the city.

Twinkling lights, holiday music, mulled spiced wine at the Christmas Market....just sayin'.

I was in Chicago this week and had some time to myself to peruse the vendor stalls at the annual Christkindlmarket downtown.  When I arrived, it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit and snow was falling from the sky.  In other words, perfection.

I went into the Kathe Wohlfhart house and looked at smokers and wooden ornaments, glittering tinsel and beautiful woven tabletop linens.  I stood in line for the Candy Shoppe and smiled at memories from high school of German Gummy Bears, Milka Bars and chocolate covered gingerbread.  The smell of spiced almonds wafted through the air and people milled about, sipping hot cocoa and wine while eating potato pancakes, crepes and pretzels.

The market is one of the things Chicago does best.  They have performances, a tree and Santa...all ready for everyone to enjoy.

From there I walked over to Macy's and looked at the windows, checked out the amazing holiday goodies at Anthropolgie and then made my way up Michigan Avenue to look at the lights and check out the amazing holiday displays.  It was an awesome day...one I needed before I visit the city less often...

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