15 January 2012

Moose Jaw Minute #75: Sunday in the City

Confession.  The times I like the city the best, aside from during the holidays when everything is decked out in twinkling lights and the streets are as crowded as a mosh pit and stores are piping in "Jingle Bells" from every speaker is...

Sundays.  After the holidays.  When the loop is quiet and the only thing disturbing the muffled sounds of barely-there-city-noises is the roar of the brown and orange lines on the el tracks above making their daily rounds.  I had to work this fine Sunday and I as I walking toward the office, I genuinely appreciated the chill in the air, the bright blue sky above and the absence of...

Twinkling lights, streets as crowded as a mosh pit and no "Jingle Bells."

My yin and yang.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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