31 January 2012

Topic Number Five: Rockin' Women Bloggers

On the blogosphere (at least the one I'm currently inhabiting), I'm finding out a lot about the types of women who spend a good amount of their time online.  In other words...there are ALL types of women who blog about every conceivable topic.  It's amazing.  I found a super-vegan mom in Ohio who blogged about "killing her kale" and a blog written from the perspective of a baby girl (blogging about "her" first year of life).  I've seen awesome blogs, so-so blogs, and then some blogs that I just frankly don't understand.  I love that there is this variety...that every woman who puts her thoughts into HTML code can find a place out there.  That all these women, no matter where they come from, have a space to share at least a little of their story, a piece of who they are.  I think that's pretty special.

So, I figured I'd share my short list of the blogs by women who rock my world.  Some are goofy, some are inspiring, some are just plain delicious to look at.  All are part of my daily reads...

Women in the Blogger Trenches

Megan is just gorgeous, awesome and really freaking funny...her story is pretty unreal

A single gal figuring it out in the city (love her tips at the end of the posts)

Food, recipes and inspiration coming at you from Angie

Feminism with a side of the Second City

Everything lovely about Paris

Krissy Moehl is pure ultrarunning strength

Give me more Feministing!

Happy reading, everyone!

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