25 January 2012

Moose Jaw Minute #77: Topic Number One: The Art of Travel

I love to travel.  And, when I say I love to travel, I don't just mean I-love-it-when-I-get-to-my-next-destination kind of travel...I mean I love everything about it. 

I love my El ride to the airport as I try to navigate my bag into the train car while avoiding bumping into other people and taking up as little space as possible.  I love walking up to the counter at O'Hare to check said bag, wishing the customer service rep "a nice day" because I know they probably don't hear that often enough.  Heck, I even love the stories told in the security line as you see people peeling off layers of coats, sweaters and shoes, pulling out tiny baggies of beauty lotions and potions, and holding their hands up for ten seconds as the body scanners do their thing. 

I love pacing the terminals, peering into different shops, watching friends, families and business travelers call loved ones, clickity-clack on their laptops, seek out a snack, or indulge themselves in a book.

I love boarding the plane, no matter how small the space because I know for however long my journey is, I will have some down time with just me, a crossword puzzle and a podcast to pass the time.  I love the hushed din of the cabin as low conversations take place and the rustling of newspapers and magazines takes over. 

Most of the time, my travel involves customs agents who ask me where I've been and where I'm going.  It's the first time I usually speak to someone for more than five minutes during my journey.  I love holding my passport and seeing where I've been and dreaming where I will go next.  Most of all, I love crossing the threshold into a new space...a new country, a new state, a new place where I will experience something different even if I've been there before because this is a new journey in a different time.

Travel is my indulgence.  It is my quiet time and my reflection.  I allow myself time to think, read, ponder and (most importantly!) conquer those crosswords. 

I find inspiration in other journeys and hoard images in my mind of far-off places that I WILL someday see.

In a world that is shrinking and where travel is becoming more accessible, I think we should return to the joy of travel.  Find the little things in our journeys that make us happy and content.  After all, our whole time on this tiny planet in the sky is one big trip...we may as well make the best of it.

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