29 January 2012

Topic Number Four: Happiness

Sorry for taking a day off...between work, a root canal and, most importantly, wanting to enjoy some time with my husband (I was in Moose Jaw this week), I decided to take a break on the "topic blogs."  While in the Jaw, I was doing some thinking about what truly makes me happy.  What makes me laugh out loud, feel content and spread a smile across my face.  There are many degrees of happiness and I guess I've come to believe in a "happiness continuum" if you will.

On my vision board (from a few posts ago), there is one piece that I cut out that says "10 things that make me happy."  It got my wheels turning.  While there are many more than ten, I thought I would share some with you.  In no particular order:

  1. Dave.  He makes me incredibly happy with his humour, patience, support and the love he shows me every single day. 
  2. Running.  Especially along the lakefront on a crisp autumn morning.
  3. Family meals and cooking.  Whether a great potluck with our "family" in Moose Jaw or dinner with my family around a Thanksgiving table, I truly love the companionship and love that happens when you mix food with people.
  4. Travel.  See my earlier post!
  5. My family.  We've been through a lot together and I always find contentment in knowing that, no matter what, we all have each other's backs.
  6. Camping and hiking.  Just being outside and soaking in nature...nothing beats it.
  7. Kayaking!!!!  Love it and want more of it in my life.
  8. A great pair of boots.  
  9. The holiday season -- it begins with Halloween and goes through the New Year.
  10. Warm and cozy sweaters.
What are the ten things that make you happy?

Happy happy, everyone!

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