04 November 2012

Settling In...to a New Place

I am a moving maven.
I move a lot.
And by a lot, I mean I've lived in at least 24 different spaces in my life.
By my estimation, that a lot of spaces in not that much life!

This week was no exception as Dave and I packed up my studio apartment and moved me in with good friends.  It was decided that since I'm on the road so much, it wasn't worth the cost of keeping up an apartment I hardly get to see.

So, here I sit, unpacked and settled into a new place.  
Special thanks to C and D for letting me crash in their pad!


In addition to moving, Dave and I had a fun week together full of cooking in the kitchen, drinking tea together and enjoying some of our favourite haunts in the city.

We enjoyed a double-date on Thursday to celebrate the 50K, Marathon and my birthday at Slurping Turtle and I introduced Dave to the awesome tapas and atmosphere at Cafe Iberico.

And...we took time to just walk the city streets, admire the first smattering of holiday cheer going up in  storefront windows and catch up on us.

I'm always so sad to see him go, but I'm always so grateful for the time we have together in person.  Those moments are to be cherished and I'm so happy he was here to support me during the race (couldn't have done it without him!) and help me get from one living space to another.  

I'm a very lucky gal!

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